Real Estate Inspections


Your home is one of the largest investments you will ever make. A professional real estate inspection can provide you with information necessary to assist in making a decision on the purchase/rejection of the property. During an inspection potentially serious problems can be found that will save you thousands of dollars and more than cover the cost of the inspection regardless of the type inspection you are seeking.

  • For the BUYER, an inspection of the home will reveal issues observed during the inspection. A detail inspection report will present the issues in an easy to understand format. The report can be used to substantiate the value of the real estate.
  • For the SELLER, a pre-sale inspection diminishes the possibilities of problems arising once an offer has been accepted. Knowing the pre-existing issues can help you receive top dollar for your home by allowing you to make repairs and properly stage your home.
  • For the OWNER who is remodeling or building a new home, a phased home inspection will keep you informed on the progress of your home and confirm that plans are being followed.
  •  For the OWNER, a maintenance inspection can address issues before they become problems. Your home needs a check-up just as you and your car.

We take pride in offering our services as an Independent Third Party to help you feel confident in the decision making process.